Nico De Napoli 

Integrative Coach

Coaching can help you identify and let go of what is holding you back, increase resilience and gain clarity on how to move forward. 

Some of the areas I cover:

  • transitions

  • career

  • health

  • identity

  • sexuality

  • self-confidence

  • stress management

My approach integrates existential, somatic and mindfulness coaching.


The mind-body connection is largely neglected in Western medicine, where stress levels and emotional states are rarely assessed, and is often overlooked in talking therapies, too. Having done mind-body work for many years, I can incorporate it into my coaching practice.

About me


I've been running a private holistic practice in London since 2007. Previously, I did translation as well as music and language teaching work for several years. My lifelong background in music performance, an activity simultaneously cerebral and physical, made me aware of the mind-body connection and the importance of stress management. My core values include personal development, empathy and freedom.

Coaching Training (2016-17)

• Accredited Coaching Diploma 

 Cert in Mindfulness Coaching  

Cert in Existential Coaching

Other Qualifications

• Holistic Diploma (2007-08)

• Diploma in Yoga Teaching 

• Cert TESOL 

• Dip in Piano Performance 

• Bachelor of Music (Hons) 

• Linguistic Baccalaureate

Some of my articles

Existential coaching

Identity & self-identity

Why practise mindfulness

What makes a good coach


London, UK.


In-person and online coaching. 



Through my coaching sessions with Nico, I have learnt a great deal about which direction to take my life. Talking about my options, hopes and fears has helped me establish what choices I need to make to create a more fulfilling life for myself and those around me. Nico is warm, disarming and easy to talk to. Importantly, he asks the right questions, encouraging me to dive deeper into my own mind, to seek answers for myself.

- Bhanu - Doha, Qatar

I started working with Nico at a time when I was very unhappy in a relatively low paid job. Within the span of two months, I found the strength to leave the organisation. I finally moved out of a sector where I had been stuck for seven years and into a new area where I increased my salary by 40%. Nico not only helped me achieve my goal, but also to understand myself better.

- Anne - London

Nico has helped me identify the key problems that were holding me back in a number of areas, including emotional patterns that interfered with my ability to respond appropriately to work and personal circumstances, as well as planning weaknesses that prevented me from focusing my efforts towards those objectives that were most likely to bring personal satisfaction and effective outcomes. He is an excellent listener, with the ability to steer a conversation with probing questions. I also felt that he cared and that he really wanted to understand what my personal story was.

- Ian - London