Yoga and mindfulness 

Yoga and mindfulness coaching tailored to suit individual needs.


I work with adults of all age groups and different levels of fitness.


From total beginners to more advanced. In person and online.

I used to be sceptical about it, but online yoga does work.

My approach is therapeutic.

Yoga therapy can help:

✅ improve posture

increase flexibility

reduce body aches

increase energy levels

✅ increase lung capacity

improve concentration

improve quality of sleep

release pent-up emotions

alleviate anxiety and depression



My articles on mindfulness practice:


• Why practise mindfulness?

• Secular meditation




Experience and training 

My first access to yoga was in the '90s, as a student at a conservatoire where a class called 'Yoga for Musicians' was available. I then started practising regularly in 2003 and running a wellness practice in 2008, after training in bodywork therapies. I trained in the UK and in Asia and I've taught yoga and mindfulness in workshops and on retreats.

Diploma in Yoga Teaching (India, 2015)

Cert in Mindfulness Coaching (UK, 2016)

Vipassana Meditation Courses (2012-2018)

Cert in Thai Yoga Massage (Thailand, 2008)

Dip in Anatomy & Physiology (UK, 2007-08)



You can buy courses of 6 or 12 sessions.

Get in touch for further details.

It's not about being good at something.

It's about being good to yourself.

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