Why choose coaching?


People choose coaching when they desire some form of change and feel stuck in one or more spheres of their lives.
I provide a safe space for self-reflection, helping clients in areas including:
• career and life transitions
• stress management
• self-confidence
​• self-identity
• motivation
​• sexuality
• emotional resilience
It's not about giving advice. It’s about helping you find your own answers.
My approach is tailored to the individual and it draws from existential, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural and somatic coaching. 
I work with adults of all ages and different walks of life, in person or online.
Training and experience

I've been working as a coach since 2016. I trained in my early 40s, following a keen interest in human psychology and after running a wellness practice in London for several years. Previously, I did translation and teaching work. My background in music performance made me aware of the mind-body connection and the importance of stress management.


In terms of my own personal growth, I've benefited from extended periods of one-to-one therapy and from taking part in several meditation courses and in various psychoeducational workshops, both as a client and as an assistant facilitator.

ICF Accredited Diploma

• Cognitive Coaching

• Existential Coaching

• Transactional Analysis

• Mindfulness Coaching 


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