Why choose coaching?


People choose coaching when they desire some form of change and feel stuck in one or more areas of their lives.
It's not about giving advice. It’s about helping you find your own answers.
I provide a calm and safe space for self-reflection, helping individuals gain clarity on how to bring about positive change.
I've helped clients in areas including:
• Career and general life transitions
• Stress and anxiety management
• Decision-making
• Self-confidence
​• Emotional resilience
​• Sexuality and identity
• Mind-body awareness
I work with adults of all age groups and walks of life, in person and online.
Integrative, person-centred approach
Existential, positive psychology, cognitive, and mind-body coaching.
Based on the assumption that each one of us will feel some anxiety due to the uncertainties of life, existential coaching is a philosophical approach aiming to help in the quest for meaning and purpose.
Cognitive coaching is about changing mindsets. Most mindsets can be boiled down to a few core beliefs. Identifying and challenging any self-defeating beliefs helps us achieve a positive mindset shift. 
Positive psychology coaching seeks to improve emotional wellbeing by identifying your strengths and helping you utilise them in better ways.
The mind-body connection tends to be neglected in talking therapies, the work being done at a "head" level only. I aim to help clients increase somatic awareness through mindfulness coaching.
Coaching vs therapy
A frequently asked question is: What is the difference between coaching and psychotherapy? The quick and common answer to this question is that therapy focuses on the past, whereas coaching is about the present and future. While this might be generally true, my person-centred approach allows for deeper self-exploration, if and when needed.
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About me

I've been working as a coach since 2016. I trained in my early 40s, following a keen interest in human psychology and after running a wellness practice in London for several years. Previously, I did teaching and translation work. My background in classical music performance made me aware of the mind-body connection and the value of stress management.


Training (ICF Accredited)

• Cognitive Coaching

• Transactional Analysis

• Existential Coaching

• Mindfulness Coaching 

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I offer a sliding scale based on clients' circumstances. 
The frequency of the sessions can vary from weekly to monthly.

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